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About us


Our Money Move IT team have worked abroad and know how costly and complicated it can be to send funds between countries. We know that millions of dollars are lost by consumers each year in foreign exchange transactions by paying excessive fees and receiving poor rates through uncompetitive banking institutions.

Money Move IT changes that by providing people and organisations with a simple and more efficient way to send money home. The Money Move IT service is a wholly owned and operated company registered in New Zealand. We have relationships with several of the world's leading online FX services to enable us to bring you fantastic exchange rates, and cheap transfers to bank accounts in any of the countries where we provide a service.

The safety of your money is vital and as such Money Move IT is committed to meeting its regulatory requirements including minimum capital requirements, risk management procedures and staff training, to name a few.
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Our Key People 


Neil Hamlin

Neil is a Chartered Accountant and the Managing Director of Money Move IT. Neil has over 20 years experience in the IT industry, and was the founder and Managing Director of a successful software development company prior to starting Money Move IT.  

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Tom Sanderson

Tom is the team leader of Money Move IT technology team, and overseas all aspects of system development and security. Tom has deep experience with a wide range of technologies for both large corporates and government departments in several countries.  

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Paul Sulzberger

Dr Sulzberger was born in New Zealand and studied second language teaching methodology at Moscow State University in the late 1960’s. He completed his MA (Hons) degrees in modern languages and political science at Victoria University, Wellington.  

In 1986, in collaboration with several other colleagues, he established his own translation company, New Zealand Translation Centre Ltd, which grew into the largest professional translation provider in Australasia. Later in life he completed his PhD in Applied Linguistics.  Paul
has wide experience in virtually all aspects of the translation industry from working as professional translator, an IT specialist dealing with computing in foreign languages to managing a translation company with a full-time complement of approximately 50 staff.

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