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Good For Nothing Challenge Cambodia


Kiwis changing the world

On the 1st April 2013, a dozen or so Kiwi professionals will land in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to offer their skills over an intense 6 day period to make a difference.

The Good for Nothing (GFN) Challenge allows entrepreneurs and professionals to provide direct aid in a tech startup like style – an innovative pressure-cooker environment with shoe-string budgets

The GFN Challenge solves an essential problem for many NGOs – attracting highly skilled international professionals to join forces with staff and local experts to complete a pivotal project at no additional cost to the NGO. However, the GFN Challenge is not a “superman” solution where foreigners come in thinking they have the answers – it is a true two-way exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas between international and local participants. International participants simply provide skillsets that are generally unaffordable to local NGOs or extremely difficult to access.

Using technology to lift the game

Cambodia is a Least Developed Country where over 30% of the population still live in abject poverty. It is also a country that is still recovering from a violent past. After receiving decades of aid, there is still much left undone. Many of the 3,000 non-government organisations (NGOs) struggle to be as effective and efficient as possible. Often the challenges they face can be massively alleviated with targeted and relevant use of technology. The GFN Challenge exists to provide these resources in a joint effort between international professionals and local experts.

The Challenge - projects we will work on

For the April Challenge in Cambodia the team of Kiwi entrepreneurs will work on the following projects:
  • Child Helpline Cambodia: Data mining and website redesign
  • Kampuchean Action for Primary Education (KAPE): Accurate Khmer literacy assessment using mobile devices
  • Grit Learning: Integrate mobile learning prototype for Cambodian children
  • Legal Support for Women and Children: Database restructure and migration
  • Cambodian Health Education Media Service (CHEMS): Strategic planning and social media kick start project.
Cambodian-based entrepreneurs will join international participants to complete these projects and ensure the sustainability of project outcomes after the event.

The initiative is entirely “not for profit” and participants cover all their own costs to attend the Good For Nothing Challenge. So why do Wellingtonians do this? Because many entrepreneurs and professionals prefer to contribute directly to make a small change in the world in a way where they can see the immediate results of their actions on location.

Sustainability – what happens after the Challenge?

One of the key concerns for this initiative is to provide sustainable solutions for Cambodian organisations. We have all seen far too many well intended initiatives that failed to deliver lasting change because of lack of continued funding or availability of skills. That’s why the GfN Challenge only works with well established organisations and we mandate a high degree of “buy in” from NGOs into the initiative. Local organisations need executive sponsorship from their management team and are required to provide at least 1 full time staff to create mixed teams between locals and international participants.

The format of the GfN Challenge is designed to:
  • Create a true two-way exchange of knowledge, skills and awareness by teaming up international participants with local participants
  • Develop an understanding for challenges in Cambodia which international participants will use to continue assisting their projects remotely
  • Facilitate connections at a personal and social level to strengthen ongoing support and care for the projects that have been worked on during the Challenge

What to know more?

Money Move IT is proud to support the Good for Nothing Challenge

Read about the schedule for the April 2013 trip to Cambodia
You can read more about the Good for Nothing Challenge on their website:

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