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Tonga Development Bank partners with Money Move IT

Tonga Development Bank has partnered with Money Move IT to offer low cost money transfer from New Zealand and Australia to Tonga.

Money Move IT provides a better exchange rate than most other money transfer organisations, and lower sending fees, so family and friends in Tonga will receive more money for every dollar sent.

Money can be collected from the cashiers desk at the Nuku’alofa branch of Tonga Development Bank as soon as the money has been sent from New Zealand or Australia. Later this year other branches of TDB will offer this service.

There is no charge to collect the money, but the customer does need to give some form of government issued identification such as a passport, drivers license, or birth certificate. Each transaction also has a “secret word” – a word that is known only to the sender and the receiver of the money, and the customer will also need to confirm this word as further proof that they are the correct person to collect the money.

Further information about sending money from New Zealand and Australia can be found at, and regular updates are provided at
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